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Catagories Listed Below

Microworld BASIC (*.MWB) Programs for the Microbee
Bulletin Board System (BBS) Programs & Utilities for Microbee & CP/M
Communications Software for Microbee & CP/M
File Compression Utilities for Microbee & CP/M
CP/M FORTH Programming for Microbee
CRR Offline Mail Reader Files for Microbee CP/M and MS-DOS
Games for Microbee and CP/M
MIDI Samples & Documents for Microbee & CP/M
MYZ80 - Simeon Crans CP/M Emulator for the PC.
Microbee Operating Systems Files (Miscellaneous)
Programming Related Files for Microbee & CP/M
Miscellaneous Text Files for Microbee & CP/M
Utilities For Microbee & CP/M
ZCAT - Z80 Command Processor Replacement, ZSYS, CP/M
ZCAT Disk Library
ZSystem Users Group Files, ZCPR33 and ZCPR34.
CPM Basic Files for Microbee
CPM Education Software for Microbee
CPM Microsoft for Microbee

Microworld BASIC (*.MWB) Programs for the Microbee

3-DIM.MWB        1536  Graphical Demo.
3DMAZE.MWB      10240  3D Maze.
64X32I.BEE        128  RunM's at 900H - sets 64 by 32 CRT and small
                       characters to BASD
ANA.MWB           384  Analogue Input
BARCHART.MWB     1280  Creates Charts
BASDIR.M          640
BASDIREG.MWB      256  example program for above file
BASE11.MWB       1536  converts between number bases (2 to 36)
BASEBALL.MWB    11520  Baseball Game
BIO.MWB          1152  Biorythms
BLANK.CST       12032  A blank template for CASET2B2
BLANK1.CST       7808  as above
BRICKOUT.MWB     2432  Brickout
BSHIPS.MWB       6912  Battleships
BUISFORM.MWB     9088  Creates Business Forms
CAMEL.MWB        5504  Camel - A Game of Survival
CARACE.BEE       2176  Car race game. 256TC malfunction, 2304
CARDS.MWB        6912  Card Game
CASET2B2.MWB     6400  program to generate cassette index cards.
                       Uses any Simply Write/Graphical WordBee font.
                       Needs BLANK*.CST
CBRIKOUT.MWB     2688  Color Brickout Game
CHECKERS.MWB    11904  Game of Checkers
CHESS.BEE        7296  The ol' microbee chess! RUNM at 2304
COLEUK.MWB      12160  COLOR Euchre Game
COLOR8.MWB      11136  Colour version of CRAZY8 card game.
COLORTV.MWB      3840  Test Pattern
COSMIC.BEE      10496  Cosmic fighter. RUNM at 2304
DEPTH.MWB        3456  Drop Bombs on Submarines
DLHYST.CXT      11008  sample file from above.
DODGEM.MWB       1408  Car Game
DODGEM2.MWB      1536  Car Game Alt Version
DONJON.MWB      19456  Like "Valley" but better. Cassette based
DRAWPAD.MWB      2560  Drawing Program
EMUJOUST.MAC    12800  Emu Joust Game
EMUJOUST.TXT      103  Emu Joust Documentation
ENGINEER.MWB    12032  Engineer Sim
EUKER.MWB       11392  Game of Euchre
FOUR.MWB         3840  Connect Four in a Row
FRACTAL.MWB      7687  This generates a fractal graphic.
FROG2.MWB        8832  Frog Hop
GALACT.MWB      14208  Space Game
GALAXA.MWB       3200  Space Game
GOLF.MWB         4992  Golf Game
GUESS.MWB        4608  Guess Number Game
HANOI.MWB        5120  Game of Hanoi
HEXDUMP.MWB      1408  Dumps Memory in Hex
HIRES2.MWB       3968  Drawing Program
HORROR.MWB       2944  Game
IN4.BEE           256  RunM at 900H, lets you swap between 80x24
                       ADM3a (OUT#4) and normal Basic video (OUT#0),
                       as well as between the CP/M keyboard routine
                       (IN#4 - lets you get at the PB function keys
                       from BASIC) and the normal BASIC one (IN#0)
                       Lives up at the top end of memory (around
                       8000H) somewhere.
INST64GR.ML      1152  RunM's at 20000D (i think). Installs small
                       character set.
IOFMIN.MWB      17664  Eye of Min Adventure Game
JESKIL.MWB      21632  Adventure Game
KNIFE.MWB        1024  ?
LABYRINT.MWB    11648  Maze game. Quite good
LEMONADE.MWB    13056  Classic Lemonade Stand Game
LISSAJOU.MWB      384  Plots Lissajous figures (see the ABC logo for
                       an example)
LOANS.MWB        3072  Calculates Loans
MBIKES.MWB       3200  Colour motor bike game.
MERLIN.MWB      29440  Merlin Year 510 Adventure Game
MOUNT.MWB         384  Graphics Demo
MUNCH.MWB        8576  Muncher Game
MUNCH2.MWB       5504  Muncher Game 2
MUSEUM.MWB      16128  The Museum Mystery
MUSIC.MWB        1024  Turns Keyboard into Piano
NEWMOTOR.MWB     1024  ?
NIM.MWB          2816  ?
NOMINATE.MWB     1536  A name generating program. Generates all
                       sorts of funny names.
PAKMAN.MWB       3840  Pakman Arcade Game
PCGDEMO.MWB      8704  Graphic Demo
PCGEDT.MWB       1664  PCG Editor
PCGTUT.MWB       4480  PCG Tutor
PINBALL.BEE      6656  A lores pinball game. Ditto from carace!
POKER.MWB        6784  Poker Card Game
POKERRGB.MWB    12544  Colour Poker Card Game.
REFMODEL.MWB     1280  Models the refraction of light.
ROFIRE.BEE       7680  Destroy robots (?). Ditto carace!
ROULET.MWB       3968  Russian Roulet
SERVO.MWB        1152  ?
SIMMU.MWB        2816  Flight Simmulator
SLALOM.MWB       3072  Skiing Game
SLIDE.MWB        2560  Game
SLOTM.MWB        3328  Poker Machine
SPEED.MWB        1536  ?
SYDNEY.MWB        128  ?
SYDNEY.Z         8192  ?
TALK.MWB         2432  Voice Program Parallel Port
TAPECAT.MWB      6912  Like any of the disk cataloging programs
                       around except this catalogs cassette tapes.
                       Needs BASDIR.
TAPES.TPE        7680  A sample file for the above.
TIME.MWB         1664  ?
TOM1.MWB         7680  X Rated Conversation
TVTEST.MWB       2816  Test Pattern
VALLEY.MWB      24832  Improved Valley - disk save options ++
WIZARD15.MWB    22656  *** WIZARDS'S CASTLE *** (Microbee Version 1.5)
WIZARD16.MWB    22656  *** WIZARDS'S CASTLE *** (Microbee Version 1.6)
XWORD.MWB        8192  Makes Crosswords
YAHTZE.MWB       5632  Dice Game

Bulletin Board System (BBS) Programs & Utilities for Microbee & CP/M

AMSTRAD.ARC      4608  Amstrad machine & clock overlays for ROS
ARKMAIL.PAS     13440  Pascal source used with YBBAT.
AUTOKMD.LBR     18304  part of KMD23.LBR
B5-CLOCK.ARC    54842  BYE5xxx Clock overlays
BYE5-INS.ARC   137747  Machine Overlays for BYE5xxx.LBR
BYE520.ARC     173706  BYE520 Communication Fossil Driver
BYE520.INF        768  BYE520 info file
C128PICS.ARC     9235  PICS BBS overlays for the Commodore-128 (CP/M+)
CA-SETUP.ARC     7936  PICS setup routines.
DISP5.ARC       11647  Part of YBBAT. Pascal source for Dispatch
DISPATCH.ARC    24263  Part of YBBAT. Pascal source for Dispatch
DRB845C.ARC    206848  DRBBS Bulletin Board ver. 8.45
FNEWS639.ARC    22272  Fidonet Newsletter #639
FNEWS640.ARC    25728  Fidonet Newsletter #640
FOODO-V1.ARC   111616* The complete FOODO/PANCAKE Fidonet Mailer & File
                       Requesting package for CP/M. Written By Bruce
                       Dudley, SYSOP of Znode-62 RCP/M in Perth, WA.
KMD.HLP          9728  .
KMD23.LBR      115968  KMD ymodem protocol for RCP/Ms
KMDRSX.LBR       4480  CP/M 3 RSX manager for use with KMD23
KMD.HQP          6272  Online help file for KMD23
LUX80.ARC       99210  LUX (Library Utility eXtension) ver 8.0
MAILUTIL.ARC    20353  ???????
MULTMENU.ARC     9160  Modifications to the PICSANSI files.
PBBS-50.ARC    223548  PBBS BBS software version 5.0
PBBS5FIX.ARC     6894  Fixes and corrections for PBBS 5.0
PBBSUP50.ARC    86398  Support files for PBBS 5.0
PBBSUTL4.ARC     8621  Part of PBBS 5.0
PIC16QUO.ARC    27231  Quotation system for PICS
PICS-QL.ARC     14336  PICS quick file list.
PICS16.ARC     150528  PICS - Pascal Integrated Communications Software.
PICSANSI.ARC    17643  Allow ANSI screens in PICS
PICSDOCS.ARC    59392  Documentation for the PICS BBS software.
PICSMODS.ARC    10780  PICS 1.6 Modifications
PICSSUP.ARC    101376  System & clock overlays for PICS.
PICSUNCR.ARC    17976  Add uncrunch support to PICS 1.6
POLICY4.ARC     32768  Fidonet Policies/Code of Conduct
PRPICS10.ARC    11145  Part of PICS 1.6
PXBBS.ARC       10687  A VERY simple BBS for the EPSON PX-8
RNETLOGO.ARC     3072  ROS-NET logon ANSI screens.
ROS341.ARC      82560  ROS BBS software ver 3.41
ROSUNCR.ARC     55239  Add Uncrunch support to ROS
ROVER12A.ARC    32582  Utility to import/export message to/from PBBS
RZMP16.ARC      60595  Zmodem protocol for RCP/M's.
RZMPLOG3.ARC    21692  Keeps a log of RZMP file transfers.
SYSDEP41.MAC     6424  XRAS overlay for Microbee 128 using standard
                       serial port and dumb modem.
TESTPICS.ARC     6144  Part of PICS 1.6
TV803.MCH        8192  ROS overlay for the Televideo 803.
USR-HST.ARC     16000  Information on HST-9600 for YBBAT.
XRASV41A.ARC    42193  XRAS V4.1 Remote Access BBS system. Disk 1/4
XRASV41B.ARC     9166  XRAS V4.1 Remote Access BBS system. Disk 2/4
XRASV41C.ARC    33291  XRAS V4.1 Remote Access BBS system. Disk 3/4
XRASV41D.ARC    20952  XRAS V4.1 Remote Access BBS system. Disk 4/4
YB489FIX.ARC    43776  Bug Fixes for YBBAT April '89.
YBBAT489.ARC   304512  YBBAT April '89. Get your RCP/M on the Fidonet!
YBBATOVL.ARC     2932  Radio Shack Overlay for YBBAT
ZCMD28.ASM      81536  ASM Source for ZCMD ver.2.8 CCP

Communications Software for Microbee & CP/M

ANSIMP92.ARC    53058  IMP for Microbees using 8530 SCC Ports.
APL2EYAM.COM    28672  Yam for the Apple 2E (CP/M).
C128-NEW.ARC    63645  Allows C= 128 to use a modem under CP/M+
CP409DOC.ARK    68224  documentation for kermit 4.11
CP411HEX.ARK   156928  kermit 4.11 HEX files
CP411SRC.ARK   442752  source to kermit 4.11
FILTERZ.ARC      3791  Filter control "Z"'s out of files.
HAMMODEM.ARC    36992  To be described.
IMP-ICE.ARC     19799  IMP Overlay for the Apple IIe.
IMP-OVL.ARC    436987  Collection of overlays for IMP 2.44 & 2.45
IMP-OV5A.LBR   158720  As above but split into 3 parts for easier
IMP-OV5B.LBR   168832  downloading.
IMP-OV5C.LBR   182400  No description available.
IMP245.ARC      70399  IMP ver. 2.45 communications program.
IMPALL93.ARC    31672  IMP for Microbees using RS232 serial port.
IMPATCH.LBR     18432  To be described.
KERMIT.COM      26496  Updated Kermit for Microbee 56K -> 256TC
MEX4BEE.ARC    129289  MEX for the Microbee.
MODEM9.ARC      51673  Irv Hoff's MODEM9 protocol.
PCPIMP7.LBR     27136  Provides autodial/redial facility for
                       PC-pursuit users. Used with IMP.
PMODEM.ARC      49451  PMODEM Comms program in Turbo Pascal.
QTERM42G.ARC    49561  QTERM - Quick Terminal Communications program.
QTO-OVL0.ARC    28742  A couple of machine overlays for QTERM.
RADIO.COM         768  To be described
SCCDIAGS.ARC     5315  Tony Ellis's diagnostic tools for 8530 SCC.
SEALINK.ARC     12623  'C' Source code for Sealink File xfer Protocol.
SZRZ100.LBR     14592  UNIX-type RZ/SZ Zmodem programs for CPM3
YAM.ARC         47226  Yet Another Modem Program (By Chuck Forsberg;Oct'81)
YAMBEE.ARC      28056  YAM Modified for the Microbee.
ZMP-OV16.ARC   199660  Serial I/O overlays for ZMP Comms Program.
ZMP15.ARC       78928  Zmodem Communications program for CP/M!

File Compression Utilities for Microbee & CP/M

ARK11.ARC       16384  Archive programme for CP/M - makes .ARCs
BOOZ.COM        14592  Upacker for ".ZOO" archives (bare bones)
CPMUNARJ.ARK    24064  Unpacks Ms-Dos ARJ files
CRLZH20.LBR    143616  Ver 2.0  LZH for CP/M
CRNCH24S.LBR    97664  The source code to Crunch-Z 2.4 !
CRUNCH-Y.ARC    14203  Crunch-Y. Crunches and uncrunches *.?Y? files!
CRUNCH28.ARC    38028  Crunch Ver 2.8. (*.?Z? files).
DARJ.OBJ        13312  Displays a directory of files contained in an
                       .ARJ archive
DELBR.COM       13312  Automatically unpacks Library (.LBR) archives.
DELBR11A.ARC    35779  Unpacks .LBR's - for CP/M and DOS!
DSQUASH.ARC     12606  Squash for CP/M
EXL.ARC          7005  Type crunched,squeezed files
LBREXT22.ARC    18262  Uncompresses Squeesed and Crunched files from
                       libraries (for CP/M 2.2)
LBREXT3.ARC      5698  Same as above except for CP/M 3.
LDIRB14.LBR     26240  View library contents like ARKs (good)
LH-CPM11.ARC    23516  Lharc'er for CP/M (quite good).
LHRD.ARC        12827  LHARC decompressor (decompresses .LZH or .LHC
LT31.LBR        64768  Automatically extracts and uncompresses files
                       from libraries, including crunch-z, crunch-y
                       and squeezed files! Latest release.
LZHUFCPM.ARC    26949  LHARC Modified for CP/M from original C source.
NULU152.LBR     30080  Latest version of NULU Library Manager!
PMAUTO.COM      30976  New compresion self-extracting
QL40.ARC       104569  The ULTIMATE file viewing utility for CP/M!!
SQ&USQ.ARC      31420  Programs to Sqeeze and Unsqueeze files.
TYPESQ.COM       8192  Utility to type squeezed text files.
UNARC16.LBR     69760  Latest Archive (.ARC or .ARC) Extracter for CP/M
UNARC16S.ARC    68608  Unarc16 source code (only!).
UNCR8080.ARC     4086  Crunch/Uncrunch.(For INTEL 8080 CPU's).
UNLZHD.COM      16128  Extracts files from IBM-type .LZH archives.
UNSITCPM.LBR    52224  C source for "unsit" (uncompresses MAC
                       "StuffIT" files).
UNZIP02.ARC     13952  UNZIP 1.2 for Z-System.
UNZIP12.ARC      3345  Latest ZIP Archive unpacker for CP/M!
USQ111.ARC      11008  New Squeeze Program.
USQFST20.ARC    20284  Fast UnSqueeser v2.0. (Good!)
UU.LBR          21888  UUencode/decode for CP/M
VLU108.ARC      46995  Video Library Utility v1.08. Needs ZCPR3.

CP/M FORTH Programming for Microbee

F83-HELP.DOC    10240  Help file for F83 FORTH
F83-ZASM.LBR     7936  Adds Z80 assembly facilities to F83.
F83V210.LBR    151680  Laxen & Perry Public Domain FORTH for CP/M-80
FORTHDOC.ARC    67535  Includes reference material for the 3 major
                       FORTH dialects (fig-FORTH, FORTH-79 and
FSTRINGS.LBR     7936  String include for F83.
MVPFORTH.LBR    71296  FORTH-79 compiler with source & docs.
SEDIT10.LBR      6528  Full screen edit for Laxen & Perry Forth.

CRR Offline Mail Reader Files for Microbee CP/M and MS-DOS

 This area has been set up as a "one stop shop" for users of
 the CP/M and PC/MS-DOS operating systems to be able to use
 the XRS offline mail reader, (which saves you time and money
 when reading and replying to local and echomail messages -
 simply compile, download and read and reply at your leisure).
 Enjoy! :-)

 Files needed for Microbee CP/M users

ARK11.ARC       16384  Creates archives (.ARC files) for CP/M.
CRR0140.ZIP     48774  CRR offline mail reader for CP/M. Ver. 1.4
CRR0143B.ZIP    53215  Latest Beta version of CRR (Registered users only)
CRR0150A.ZIP    56463  CRR off-line mail reader v1.50a
DEFAULTS.CRR      141  An example config file for use with CRR.
UNARC16.LBR     69760  Unpacks archives.
UNZIP12.ARC      3345  Unpacks .ZIP files.
VDE26.ARC       58346  VDE text editor. Ver 2.6
ZDE16.LBR       48384  ZDE text editor. Ver 1.6

 Files needed for PC/MS-DOS users

XRS5ALL.ZIP    401288  ALL the files needed for XRS offline reader in
                       one archive

Games for Microbee and CP/M

2SOUNDS.ARC     12672  Emulates 2 voice music on microbee
2SOUNDS.ZIP     10036  Repack of above
ANIMAL.ARC      15343  Animal Guessing Game. (written in Turbo Pascal).
ANIMAL.ZIP      10441  Repack of above
BARSOOM2.ARC    71001  Text Adventure (on Mars). Not too bad.
BARSOOM2.ZIP    50353  Repack of above
BLACKJAC.ARC    27776  The card game of Blackjack.
BRKBAL.COM       4096  Pong type game.
COLCA350.ARC    68224  350 Point version of Collossal Caves Adventure Game
COLCA550.ARC   168248  550 Point version of Collossal Caves Adventure Game
COLCA550.ZIP   134952  Repack of above
COLCA580.ARC   137606  580 Point version of Collossal Caves Adventure Game
COLCA580.ZIP   120969  Repack of above
CRAM36.ARC      19576  A fun simple game. Like "Snake".
CRAM36.ZIP      15163  Repack of above
D&DCHAR.ARC     19153  Generates RPG Characters for Dungeons & Dragons.
D&DCHAR.ZIP     13908  Repack of above
EMPIRE.ARC      15104  Strategy GAME for MicroBee
EMPIRE.ZIP      10345  Repack of above
FILEQQ.COM       8832  A FAST vers. of the Game of Life (for Microbee).
FOOTBALL.ARC    17221  A simple generic football game for CP/M
FOOTBALL.ZIP    13270  Repack of above
FORTRIS.ARC     32768  Latest TETRIS type game! A must!
FORTRIS.ZIP     26798  Repack of above
GMUNCH.COM      30848  Muncher Game
GUSHER.COM      30848  Balcones/Xerox Oil game! (Fun!).
KNIGHT.WLD       6016  game for nimmoia (the tournament)
LADDER.ARC      53632  Fun game of Ladder. Game + install files.
LANDER.ARC      16896  Lunar Lander Game.
LANDER.ZIP      13243  Repack of above
LASTBALL.LBR    13312  Colour version of BRIKBALL.(Microbee)
LASTBALL.ZIP     7529  Repack of above
MAZEBLD.ARC     19007  Build your own mazes. (Good!)
MAZEBLD.ZIP     14100  Repack of above
MILLION.ARC     56704  Millionares game for Microbee in Microworld Basic.
MILLION.ZIP     49732  Repack of above
MYCHESSN.COM    34304  A reasonably good chess program for CP/M.
NEWNANOC.ARK    39936  NANOC'S REVENGE - V1.04/5 (bug fixed! - Bee)
NEWNANOC.ZIP    25493  Repack of above
NIMMOIA1.ARC   169984  nimmoia adventure creator/player system
NIMMOIA1.ZIP   109068  Repack of above
NUMPUZ2.LBR     12544  'Sliding Squares' puzzle for Bondwell 14
OTHELLO.COM     11520  The game of Othello.
PACMAN95.ARC    12800  Yet another Pacman game.
PACMAN95.ZIP     7964  Repack of above
POKIE4.ARC      10499  One-armed bandit game for Mbees and other systems.
POKIE4.ZIP       7732  Repack of above
QUATRIS2.ARC    24955  Tetris Game for CP/M! Very Good!!
QUATRIS2.ZIP    19918  Repack of above
QUATRISB.ARC    26704  Quatris with enhanced graphics for BEE
QUATRISB.ZIP    21731  Repack of above
RACER.ARC       49504  Racing car game. Pretty good, needs joy.
RACER.ZIP       37989  Repack of above
ROGUE1A.ARC     23403  Rogue ver. 1A. D&D Style Adventure Game.
ROGUE1A.ZIP     18990  Repack of above
SCRAMBLE.COM    15872  Classic arcade game
SCS-ALL.ARC    465222  ALL your favorite Superior Computer Software
                       Microbee games are packed into this one HUGE
                       archives! Now Public domain they are not
                       brain-damaged in anyway whatsoever. Have fun!
SCS-ALL.ZIP    442092  Repack of above
STARSHIP.ARC    85120  Space trading game (good) - with source
STARSHIP.ZIP    60055  Repack of above
SUPERIOR.ARC    77053  Superior Software "NANOC THE DESTROYER" Microbee only!
SUPERIOR.ZIP    59597  Repack of above
SURVIVAL.COM    19072  Moon Games Survival Adventure.
TAKEOVER.ARC    87487  Excellent Ultima-type Adventure game for the Microbee!
TAKEOVER.ZIP    62007  Repack of above
VTREKCOM.ARC    26795  Visual Startrek Game for CP/M. (Good!)
VTREKCOM.ZIP    19447  Repack of above
VTREKSRC.ARC    27542  'C' Source code for Visual Startrek Game.
VTREKSRC.ZIP    20823  Repack of above
WAND2-2.ARC     14791  Ver. 2.2 of Wanderer. Needs WANDERER.ARC
WAND2-2.ZIP     13384  Repack of above
WANDERER.ARC    32627  The game of Wanderer (like rogue1a).
WANDERER.ZIP    32318  Repack of above
YAHTZE.ARC       7974  The game of Yahtze!
YAHTZE.ZIP       6039  Repack of above
ZCHESS.COM       8192  Z80 Chess Game.

MIDI Samples & Documents for Microbee & CP/M

 These are some files which contain information on how  to
 adapt virtually ANY computer to drive a Sythesiser keyboard
 via an RS-232 serial port to MIDI interface. Have fun!

GREENS.ZIP      12245  Greenselves (Sample MIDI file)
MIDI-CNV.LBR     7424  Details on building an RS232 to MIDI interface.
MIDI-DOC.LBR    14464  Documents on MIDI commands and their uses.
SPRING.ZIP       2241  spring music (Sample MIDI file)

MYZ80 - Simeon Crans CP/M Emulator for the PC.

 This is Simeon Crans' complete CP/M package for the PC. It
 needs a 286 (or better) to run and is packed with goodies,
 such as the ability to run CP/M 2.2 or 3.0, 32-bit processor
 aware, multitasker aware, ADM3A/Televideo emulation, complete
 key re-mapping, etc etc. You've tried the rest, now try the
 BEST!! I haven't seen a better CP/M package for the PC yet.

Z-FOR-AT.ARK    13312  A Primer On Using Z-System Software On AT-Class
                       Machines Under MYZ80
MYZ80111.ZIP   105339  V1.11 Of Simeon Cran's CP/M emulator for the PC.

Microbee Operating Systems Files (Miscellaneous)

 I created this area for files that relate to operating
 systems. A lot of these files used to reside in the
 CP/M programming area, but as they were not directly
 related to programming I decided to create a seperate
 area for them instead.

BOOTROMS.LBR    23680  MicroBee Disk system Boot roms
BZ8DCLK.Z80      3072  Z80DOS clock routines for the Microbee.
CCPMINF.ARC      8357  Patches for DRI's Concurrent CP/M 3.1, DOS 3.4,4.01
CONIX1.LBR     108416  A UNIX-like operating system which runs under
CONIX2.LBR     171008  CP/M-80. No complicated install just "load and go".
CPM22INF.ARC    27804  In-depth Technical info and patches for CP/M 2.2
CPM86INF.ARC    15122  In-depth Technical info and patches for CP/M-86.
MISCROMS.LBR    36864  Miscellaneous MicroBee roms
MYZ80102.ZIP    59392  Simeon Crans CP/M emulator for IBM AT's or better.
MYZ80UTE.LBR     8832  Latest public release of CP/M utils for MYZ80.
P2DOSV3.ARC     69719  P2 Disk Operating System ver 2.1
PREMROMS.LBR    55808  Roms for Premium MicroBee
SUPER8.ARC      96823  Complete CP/M Z80 -> Super8 Utilities.
SUPRDOS2.ARC    85757  Alternative O/S to CP/M 2.2.
UZI.ARC         60416  UZI - UNIX for CP/M. C source.
UZI280.TXT       3584  Captured message describing features of UZI.
UZIUTIL.ARC     38912  Utilities for UZI - UNIX for CP/M. C source.
Z80D24SR.ARC    78041  Z80DOS ver 2.41 System Files.
Z80DOVL.ARC     36872  Overlay .LBR's for progs converted for Date +
                       Time stamping on Z80
Z80EXTRA.LYB     1920  Undocumented Z80 opcodes!
Z8D24SUP.ARC    76573  Z80DOS Supplementary Programs. Source + Utils.
ZPM3N07.ARK     50432  ZPM3...CP/M 3.0 replacement BDOS (by Simeon Cran)

Programming Related Files for Microbee & CP/M

18E.ARC         19640  Z80/HD6410 Debug Monitor.
80T86.ARC       62553  Convert 8080 assembly source code into 8086.
ABORTM80.ARC     2280  Used with M80 - Checks for errors.
APPLE.ARC        6656  load apple][ software from tape on MBee
ASM48.LBR       44928  CP/M-80 Cross-assembler for INTEL MCS-48 & UPI-41
                       series of 8-bit, single-chip micros
BDOS-108.ARC     4772  Collection of progs for CP/M+ using BDOS func 108
BW.ARC           9261  Microbee window routines (Turbo Pascal source).
BWII.LBR        27136  Updated windowing routines for MICROBEE
CHKIF.ARC       13519  Locates Balance errors in Macro Assembly Code.
CKBASNUM.ARC     7476  Checks line numers in MBASIC programs.
CLINK.ARC       22915  Keeps Library of C subroutines in Source Code Form
COBOL.ARC       56073  Nevada COBOL compiler for CP/M
CSHELL.ARC       9953  Shell profram in 'C'.
CURLY.ARC        4655  A Curly Brace checker for C programs.
C-NO-BUG.ARC     6594  Full C source code de-bugger.
DASM.ARC        64868  Z80 Dissasembler.
DDS.ARC          2868  Basic interpreter in 'C' - select case.
DDTZ27.ARK      77312  Improved replacement for DDT. 8080, Z80 & 64180.
DISZ80.ARC       4480  Z80 Dissassembler.
DTIDY.ARC       15662  Tidies up Dbase files for better readability.
DZ-NOV86.ARC    91541  Dazzlestar Dissasembler (now PD).
EM8080.ARC      13820  Improvements in processing for the INTEL 8080.
ENCODE6.ARC     35582  Pseudo Compiler for dBASEII V2.4> Command Files.
ETI-PROJ.ARC    10564  Assembly source for 3 ETI Microbee Projects.
FLOAT4TH.LBR    30976  Hi-level Forth floating pt. source code.
FORTH-79.TXT    50867  .
FORTH-79.TZT    20736  Glossary from the Forth-79 Standard
GETROM.ARC       2255  Dump your Microbees Boot ROM to disk (128K).
JMON.ARC        21472  Simple Z80 breakpoint debugger for banked BIOS.(bee)
LISP.ARC        24817  A LISP compiler for CP/M.
PASCAL.ARC      41024  Public Domain PASCAL Compiler.
PD-GINST.ARC    21857  Public Domain Turbo Pascal General install program.
SMALLC-1.ARC    68022  SmallC C Compiler for CP/M. Part 1/3
SMALLC-2.ARC    53664  "  "  "   "   "   "   "   " Part 2/3
SMALLC-3.ARC    31620  "  "  "   "   "   "   "   " Part 3/3
SYNTH.ARC       14208  MBASIC driver for Aem4504 speech synth.
SZAP50.ARC     102144  SuperZap v5.0 - Latest release Oct 1990.
SZAP50A.ZIP     80256  SuperZap v5.0 bug fixes by Simeon Cran
TEXTFONT.ARC    30976  32x64 screen in Basic with FONTS
TM2NOT10.ARC    15638  Very Useful notes and mods for Modula-2.
TP-PAT01.ARC     1325  Turbo Pascal 3.01 patches.
TPINLINE.ARC    17088  Turbo Pascal inline statement generator.
TPTUTOR1.ARC    43959  Turbo Pascal tutor disk 1/2. Shareware.
TPTUTOR2.ARC    31117  Turbo Pascal tutor disk 2/2. Shareware.
UNLOAD.ARC       7540  Unloads machine code programs back into HEX code.
WS4PAT.ARC       9234  Wordstar 4.0 patches.
XASM.ARC       157431  A collection of Motorola Cross-compilers for CP/M.
Z8E35.ARC      240640  Rick Surwilo's utility for tracing and debugging
                       programs on the Z80.
ZBASIC.ARC      68192  Basic routines & utilities for the Microbee.
ZM3P.ARC        32198  Translates symbolic language source into machine code
ZSM.ARC         97196  Z80 Assembler package.

Miscellaneous Text Files for Microbee & CP/M

ANSI.WBF         3456  Text file description of ANSI screen codes.
BBS9401.LZH    288936  .
BEEHIVE.ZIP     44125  All File List of BEEHIVE
BEENEW.LST       8357  .
BEENEW.ZIP       2150  .
BOOTDISK.TXT     4160  .
BOOTDISK.ZIP     1910  .
C-TUTOR.ZIP     65204  An excellent document to learn the 'C' language!
CONSPRCY.ARC   182980  Collection of "The Conspiracy" newsletters. Fun Read!
CPM.ARC         60842  .
CUG.ARC         30144  .
EPFORMAT.DOC     4096  Description of EP/MACPAINT file format.
FOG.ARC        127742  .
FOGEX.ZIP       16703  .
INFOHINT.ZIP    75776  Solutions to MANY infocom adventures.
INSULTS.TXT      8448  A collection of (witty?) insults
JOKES.TXT        4352  A collection of unusual jokes
MEMBER.TXT       3702  .
PREM-TC.TXT     14464  mods to turn a premium into a 256TC
RCPM0593.LST    93952  .
RCPM0593.LZT    33920  .
SIGM.ARC       135425  .
SMILEY.TXT       7168  Smiley dictionary for BBSs (eg: :-) )
STA.ARC         44096  .
TAO.TXT         23424  on the nature of programming
TCJ25-29.ARC    57863  Jay Sage's ZCPRxx articles.
TESSER.ARC      26675  .
THEREF42.ZIP   160933  A comprehensive listing of hard disks, optical
                       drives and controllers.
TXTPICS.ARC     19680  Collection of various ASCII art.
UKBBS.LST      232832  .
UKBBS.LZT       40064  .
WHYJOIN.TXT      2331  .
Z.ARC            7155  .
ZFILES29.LST    31104  .
ZNODE62.ARC      6528  .

Utilities For Microbee & CP/M

256FIX.ARC      19200  Converts standard mbee keyboard routines to
                       suit the 256TC
ADDLF15.ARC     21143  Converts non-standard docs into plain txt.
ANSWER.COM       2560  Telephone answer for Eureka.
AUXDISK.ARC      6374  Creates 78K Ramdrive on Apple Z80 PCPI Starcard.
B29V304.ARC     32384  NSWEEP Work-alike.
BD04.ARC         7360  Replaces FBAD. Checks for & locks out bad sectors
BEERTC.ARC      13286  Add a real time Clock to your Microbee.
BITS.ARC         6981  Miscellaneous Dbase utilities. (Quite Good).
BOX1.ARC        36480  Put boxes around your text. For CP/M and IBM-PC.
C10CPM.ARC      11237  CP/M overlay fix for the Cromemco C-10.
CHX8012A.ARC    66601  Check Register Program Disk 1/2 (Very Good!)
CHX8012B.ARC    95545  Check Register Program Disk 2/2 (Very Good!)
CLEANDIR.COM     2560  Sorts a disk's directory alphabetically
CONVERT.ARC     23259  Converts TXT Files from one O/S format to another!
COP12.ARC       12329  Console Output Processor for CP/M 2.2. Eureka
                       users will LOVE this one!
COPY.COM         4480  A "Copy" Command for CP/M. (Nice!)
CORK10.ARC      16297  Console output remapper. View IBM extended
                       graphics on a CP/M machine
CPM_DSKU.SFX    21632  C128 mode utilities for CP/M disks
CRC.ARC          1391  Checks the CRC of a file.
DEXIGN.ARC      90752  DEXIGN - Super graphic editor for the bee!
DISPLAY.ARC      2681  Displays text files page by page (and more!).
DOS1A.ARC       16955  Console XON/XOFF Protocol for Superbdos.(useful).
DPXDUP.ARC      38303  Deferred print utility
DS-CIAB.ARC      3900  Use Double sided drives on Microbee 64K CIAB!
DU-V87.ARC      12871  Disk Utility Ver 1.7
DWIM.ARC         4703  Used with ZCPR. Corrects typographic errors.
EASE10.ARC      26575  Command line editor/history shell/error handler.
EPFVIEWO.LBR    43136  text formatting program for MICROBEE
FATCAT24.ARC   141440  Cataloging system.
FILECARD.ARC    30635  Disk File Database.
FIND.ARC        14366  Find a file on a disk.
FINDBAD.ARC     18541  Finds bad sectors on disks and locks them out.
FINREP23.ARC    10415  Great Find/Replace Program for editing TXT files
FIRE12.ARC      66126  Disk unfragmenter and associated utilities.
FLOPCOPY.ARC    10372  Floppy disk copy prog. using 1 floppy & hard disk
FML.ARC          7056  Locates Files in MCAT/XCAT Disk Catalogs(MAST.LST)
FNTM2-11.ARK    30976  fontmaker v1.1 (needs v1.0 for docs)
FONTM2A.ARC     34944  User friendly font editor for KwikFont (Bee).
GIFPAS.ARK      10880  CP/M Gif pic file Reader/Printer!! (Turbo Pascal
GPATCH.ARC      18438  Get Microsoft GBASIC working on Apple Starcard.
GTR03.ARC        9600  Cataloging system
ICON.ARC        21632  Icon editor version 1.3 for Microbee.
INITP6.ARC      14511  Printer Initialise for 24 pin dot-matrix printer.
JANSI13.ARC      5003  Jumper installable ANSI video driver for Microbee
KWIKFONT.ARC    94437  This is it! The COMPLETE 'KwikFont' large type
                       printing program for all CP/M computers and
                       Epson-compatible printers. Included within the
                       ARK file is complete documentation, almost 20
                       fonts in several sizes, the installation
                       program, FontMaker program, and the latest
                       version of 'KwikFont', including source code.
                       Released as FREEWARE.
LANGUAGE.ARC    10315  Handy for learning foreign Languages.
LIBRARY.ARC     17448  A Library (Book) Manager.
MATHS.ARC        7607  Mandlbrot set viewer + complex routines
MEMO2.LBR       18944  Handy for writing yourself quick memos/notes.
OPEN63.ARC      34560  Version 6.3. Displays and prints GRSAVED screens.
PACK10.ARC      24759  Pack your HD or floppies
PACKHELP.ARC    15467  Help for PACK10
PASSWORD.ARC     5666  Protect your .COM files with a password.
PCSWP05.ARC     26812  Read/Write MSDOS disks under CP/M
PEEK22.ARC      11467  Utility which allows tracing of i/o calls to
                       BIOS & BDOS for CP/M 2.2
PLANETS.ARC     18547  Info on planets in our Solar System.
PLOTBEE.ARC     53254  Version of PLOT which give graphics output to Bee
PMEDIT29.ARC    14530  Print Master Picture Editor for Microbee. Ver 2.9
PP.ARC           4480  Prints text in a Printmaster Font.
PRNTEP06.ARK    14208  Electric Paintbrush/Macpaint file printer/viewer
                       for CP/M
PUDD.ARC       110792  Public Domain Draw
RAMDRV.ARC      16295  Makes extra memory above 64K a fast Ramdrive.
RANDOM.ARC       1766  Initialises Random Seed Numbers (Pascal source).
RDMS234.ARC     31167  Program to read MS-DOS disks under CP/M.
RPEEP12.ARC     12584  Text file viewer and lister for use with Z33RCP
RWP.ARC         21137  Robert Mulley's Word Processor (Microbee).
SCDATE.ARC       3629  Sets the date in SuperCalc. For CP/M+
SCNTODS.ARC      4352  Convert HIRES2 screens to .EP screens.
SCRUB.ARC       10957  Converts Wordstar files into plain text.
SCSLIB.ARC      10496  Useful S.C.S Z80 routines 4 the bee.
SDZD-138.ARC    75486  Rolls Royce of Directory programs.
SETDRV10.LBR    12416  Read "foreign" disks on a Microbee.
SKYSHOW.LBR     21888  Shows the positions of the planets and stars on your CRT.
SM-MENU.ARC      6912  Menu programme for 'bee BASIC (not bad)
SOUNDS.ARC      34021  Variable length sound sampler for Microbee.
SPEEDUP.ARC      7001  Disk Cache Program. Speed up your disk access!
SPK.ARC         33024  Sound sampler thru cassette port for Microbee.
SWDEMO15.ARC    72540  Demo programs for windows for CP/M!
SYSGENSC.ARC     6854  SYSGEN-type program for Apple // with Z80 Card.
SYSMAP.ARC      30983  Maps your user areas on an RCP/M system.
TIMEZONE.ARK    15360  display time in cities around the world (Microbee)
TODAY.ARC       92389  "On this day..." program for CP/M. Give this a try!
TYPLEARN.ARC    22537  Learn to type! (Quite good).
UNERA.COM        1024  Unerases erased files. (Handy!) CP/M 2.2
UNERA3.ARC      10699  Utility for recovering erased files for CP/M+
VDE26.ARC       58346  Small, powerful text editor for CP/M. Version 2.6
VDM266.ARC      22912  Wordstar-like SUPER FAST text editor!
VDO.ARC         11337  Non-Document file full screen editor. (Good!)
WINDOM2.ARC     32132  Modula-2 Prog for creating windows on TXT Files.
XLINK128.SFX    12928  C128 transfer files btn C128/CPM/MSDOS
XTP.ARC         20002  Turbo Pascal source program cross reference utility.
XWP11.ARC       35929  Integrated Desk-Top Software enviroment for Osborne Exec.
XWP11SRC.ARC    24754  Source code for the above.
ZDE16.LBR       48384  Excellent full-blown text editor.
ZDT.COM          7168  Z80 Disk debugger.
ZIPP.ARC         8156  Join up TXT files - end to end, in colums, etc.

ZCAT - Z80 Command Processor Replacement, ZSYS, CP/M

AC42.OBJ         4864  Archive Copy utility
ALIAS-1.LBR     74880  Some small command aliases
ALIAS-JB.LBR    17024  Some more command aliases
APPEND.LBR       1280  Joins one file onto the end of another
ARUNZ09Z.LBR    11904  A simple command aliasing utility
ASM-SUBS.LBR     4224  SUBMIT files for various assemblers.
BALIAS13.LBR    12288  An alias command editor
BISHOW32.LBR    29184  Browse through plain or squeezed text file
BUP21.LBR       30720  A disk backup utility
BWZ3PTCH.LBR    17152  Patch Bondwell-12/12A BIOS for ZCPR3
CLNDR13B.LBR    21248  Enhanced CLEANDIR directory utility
CONNSAGE.LBR    20352  Acrimony between Richard Conn and Jay Sage
CRUNCH20.LBR    50304  Lempel-Ziv-Welch file compression
DDTZ.LBR        12288  DDT for Z80 (Zilog mnemonics)
DEBUGRCP.LBR     2944  Invokes MU as an RCP to debug other RCPs
DIR14.OBJ        3200  Some sort of directory program
DISCIOP.Z80      5504  Capture console I/O to disk
DSTAT01.LBR     18176  Display BIOS disk information
EXTEND.LBR       1280  Add a line of text to a file
FBAD57.LBR      24192  Locks out bad sectors from a disk
FILT.LBR         9984  A collection of related text filters
FILT7A.LBR       6912  Another text filter
FILTX2.LBR       3072  Filters out control chars (not CR,LF,HT)
FIND54.LBR       7296  Scans files for text string
FINDF26.LBR     18176  Searches all disks & user areas for a file
FINDU.LBR        5760  Scans squeezed and plain files for text
FINREP.LBR      12032  Find/Replace text in a file
FNDERR14.LBR     7040  Catch compile errors (F80, BASCOM, M80 etc)
FORM7.LBR        9472  Formats assembly-language source files
FT.LBR           1536  A quick text-file preparation utility
FTNOTE14.LBR    25600  Footnotes for WordStar documents
GRDEMO.LBR      52352  Demo of Z-Sys graphics, windows, menus
GREP.LBR        23936  Searches text files for regular expressions
HBAUD10.LBR     12672  Set baud rate on HD64180 serial channels
HDISK002.DAT    27776  Characteristics of several hard disks
HOLDZCOM.LBR     1664  Timed delays in batch jobs
HSH14.LBR       10240  Command history processor
I-O-CAP.LBR     13440  Capture console I/O to disk
IF14.LBR         5632  Conditional execution of commands
INDEXER.LBR     44416  Aid to generating an index for a book
IOP180.LBR      22272  I/O package for SB180
JUMPERS.TXT      1920  Disk drive jumper settings for SB180
L80RST.LBR        896  Stop L80 from doing disk resets
LASM-TDL.LBR    11392  LINKASM with TDL-style Z80 instructions
LASM3.LBR       19200  LINKASM with 8080-style Z80 instructions
LBRDSK23.LBR    16384  LD-type utility for CP/M 2.2
LDR15.LBR       13952  Package loader for ZCPR3
LDRDSK23.LBR    16384
LDSK20.LBR       7296  Utility for named directories under ZCPR3
LFIND.LBR        5888  Searches all .LBRs everywhere for a file
LUZ3.LBR        20608  Tools for .LBR files under ZCPR3
M80-L80.LBR      7936
MACPATCH.ASM     3072  Makes MAC set ZCPR result flag if errors
MACPRINT.LBR    19968  Enhanced print on Epson printers
MCOPY44.LBR     24192  Upgrade to ZCPR utility
MENU39.LBR      28544  Upgrade to ZCPR utility
MENU40.LBR       6272  Upgrade to ZCPR utility
MENUS-JB.LBR    63232  Some sample ZCPR3 menus
MEXPAT01.DOC     1408  Makes DEL work like BS in MEX on the GEnie
MLOAD24.LBR     27008  Improved LOAD.COM
MOVE12.LBR       8832  Moves a file between user areas
MYHACKS.LST      5120  Hardware & software patches to SB-180
NCAT.LBR        21120  Disk cataloguing system
NEAT7.LBR        6144  Assembly-language-source formatter
NEWARC.LBR      26496  A set of archive-manipulation tools
NSWP208.LBR     34944  A versatile file management program
NULU151.LBR     49664  Manipulates .LBR files
OPCODE.LST      11008  RISC (Ridiculous Instruction Set Computer)
OTHELLO.LBR     21760  Board game - play against computer
OUTLN.LBR        5504  Simple "Outline Processor"
PAIRX.LBR        3584  Locate unmatched print controls in WS file
POKE-GO2.DOC     3840  Manipulate memory from an RSP
PPIP.LBR         6144  Disk file copy program
PRN36.LBR       68608  Fancy printing on Epson printer
PROLINK.LBR     70272  Links .REL and .HEX files
PSET16A.LBR     29824  Printer setting program for Epson & others
PWMENU.LBR       4992  Sample menu for Perfect Writer & others
QUEUEVMN.LBR     6144  6K & ZEX commands for queues of files
RCPTRAPS.LBR    10624  11K console or printer output to disk
REGEN.TXT        3072  How to generate new SB180 operating system
RELHEX11.LBR     2944  3K .HEX overlays from .REL files
REVAS25.DOC      1280  Another Z80 disassembler which produces
REVAS25S.LBR    57088  56K code in TDL mnemonics
RMACMOD.LBR      4608  Patch MAC/RMAC chars allowed in names
RMACPTCH.ASM     3712  3K RMAC return error flag to ZCPR3
ROS-1K.LBR       8448  Adds 1K protocol to ROS
ROS-CLK.LBR     19072  Inclusions for various system clocks
ROS-MCH.LBR     26752  Machine-dependent stuff
ROS-MDM.LBR     36480  Modem-dependent routines
ROS34.LBR      130688  Main source files and documentation
SAK22A.Z80       6400  "Strike Any Key" - lets you abort a ZCPR
SAK22COM.LBR     1536  2K string
SD115.LBR       68864  Super directory parogram
SET-EPSN.LBR    13696  14K initialisation program
SETDRU13.LBR    41216  Sets search path for program data files
SHUTILS.LBR     25728  access shell variables
SPELLM20.LBR    71552  A spelling check program
SQ.LBR           6656  A fast file squeeze program
SRT12A.LBR      33280  A general-purpose sort utility
STR.LBR         24704  String function library for Hi-Tech C
SUPRFIND.LBR    20992  Locates files anywhere on disk
SYSFCP15.LBR    19456  A ZCPR3 Flow Control Package
SYSIOP2.LBR     40832  ZCPR3 Character I/O Packages for
SYSIOP21.LBR    39040  / SB-180 computer
SYSRCP14.LBR    32256  A ZCPR Resident Command Package
TIMESTMP.LBR     9344  Auto-update version/date of source files
TPSAVFIL.LBR     8064  Recover Turbo Pascal source after a crash
TPTOOL19.LBR    81280  K&P "Software Tools in Pascal" (complete)
TPWARMST.LBR     5760  Avoid warm boot by Turbo Pascal programs
TXTTOWS.LBR      3584  Converts plain text to WordStar "document"
TYPO.LBR        11392  Checks for common typing errors
UF20Z.OBJ        1408  Fast "unsqueeze" 2.0 object code
UNARC12A.LBR    36736  Unpack MS-DOS .ARC files from CP/M
UNSOFT.LBR       7168  Converts WS "document" file to plain text
USQFST.LBR       2176  Fast "unsqueeze" 1.9 object code
USQFST18.LBR    20608  Fast "unsqueeze" 1.8 source code
VALIAS11.LBR    12288  Visual alias editor for ZCPR3
VCED16.LBR       7552  Visual command editor for ZCPR3
VDE23.LBR       48128  Small, in-memory, screen-oriented editor
VDO25B.LBR      62464  Small, in-memory, screen-oriented editor
VERROR16.LBR     4736  ZCPR3 error handler
VFILER40.LBR    16512  ZCPR3 file manipulation utility
VIEW3.LBR        8576  Text file viewing utility
VMENU18.LBR     56576  ZCPR3 menu processor
VMNUFUN.LBR     14336  Sample menus
VOL-2.LBR        2816  Creates volume labels on CP/M 2.2 disks
W20.LBR         23168  Wildcard handler for single-file commands
WHATSNEW.EI      4864  Info on Echelon Inc. commercial software
WINDEX.LBR       9600  Aid to generating indexes from WordStar
WORK-VMN.LBR    50944  Sample program development environment
WRDCOUNT.LBR     6528  Two versions program to count words
WSDOCON.LBR      4864  Convert plain text to WordStar document
WSFAST24.LBR    16384  Some speed-ups for WordStar
XIZI-3.LBR      18688  Intel<->Zilog assembly source translators
XREF27.LBR      30464  Cross-reference builder
Z-NEWS.601      14080  Newssheet from Echelon Inc.
Z-RIP.OBJ        1024  ZCPR3 "Rapid Install Program"
Z-SIG.LBR        8704  Info on special interest group in USA
Z3-WKBK.WS      29184  Workbook for ZCPR3 installation
Z3INS13.OBJ      2816  ZCPR3 installation program
Z3INSTP2.LBR    14464  Installs Turbo Pascal programs from ZCPR3
Z3KEY14.LBR     54784  Keyboard redefinition program (with source)
Z3KEYRCP.LBR    24192  Same as above but without source code
Z3SAGE.LBR      23680  Patches to ERROR and DU3
Z3YANC-2.LBR    20736  Disk cataloguing program
Z80DIS21.LBR    68480  An "intelligent" disassembler
ZAP.LBR         42496  A debug/monitor program
ZAPN-1.LBR      14848  Notes on ZCPR command shells
ZASLINK.ZEX      1152  A ZEX script for ZAS assemble & link
ZASM.LBR        36736  A Z80 macro assembler, outputs .HEX or .REL
ZBYE12Z.MAC     39680  Communications supervisor for ZCPR3 systems
ZCPR3.WS        23168  General overview of ZCPR3 features
ZCRCK.OBJ        2048  CRCK/CHEK checksum generator for ZCPR3
ZDT.LBR          8832  DDT with TDL-style Z80 instructions
ZEDFILE.LBR     33152  A disk file sector editor
ZEX-SAGE.DZC     3200  Notes on ZCPR3 command shells
ZEX31.LBR       36096  Self-configuring version of ZEX
ZEXPTCH2.DZC     2560  Makes ZEX work with XTRAKEY and XSCREEN
ZFINDU.OBJ       4096  Searches squeezed/plain files for text
ZKYSB180.LBR    13184  Keyboard redefinition for SB-180
ZLBR10.LBR      16000  A LUX-lookalike for ZCPR3 - works under BYE
ZLDIR.OBJ        2048  Library directory program for ZLBR/ZLUX
ZLUX24.LBR      34816  Library command shell for ZCPR3
ZNODES37.LST     5888  List of USA Z-STUFF distribution points
ZPATCHES.LBR    32256  Patches to MAC, RMAC, WordStar, WordMaster
ZSYSP14.LBR      5504  Make RO/SYS files in any user area PUBLIC
ZSYSTEM.IZS      1664  List of all "current" Z-SYSTEM utilities
ZTYPEL.OBJ       2432  TYPE file separate or in .LBR
ZWC.OBJ          1280  WC word counting program for ZCPR3

ZCAT Disk Library

 The Z-Stuff Disk Catalougue Library contains many useful and
 interesting utilities for ZCPR, Z-SYSTEM and plain CP/M. For
 futher details of what files are contained in each ZIP
 archive, please download the file Z.ARC from File Area 1 on
 this system. CP/M users can extract these ZIP archives with
 UNZIP12 - available for download from file area 9.

 ZIPFILES       [DIR]          Zipped versions of files in above directories

ZCAT-001.ZIP   163359  Utilities for ZCPR, Z-SYSTEM & plain CP/M
ZCAT-002.ZIP   193859  "  "   "   "   "   "   "   "    "   "   "
ZCAT-003.ZIP   174739  "  "   "   "   "   "   "   "    "   "   "
ZCAT-004.ZIP   178556  "  "   "   "   "   "   "   "    "   "   "
ZCAT-005.ZIP   135878  "  "   "   "   "   "   "   "    "   "   "
ZCAT-006.ZIP   203644  "  "   "   "   "   "   "   "    "   "   "
ZCAT-007.ZIP   191488  "  "   "   "   "   "   "   "    "   "   "
ZCAT-008.ZIP   221746  ROS (Remote O/S) BBS in Turbo Pascal.
ZCAT-009.ZIP   196466  Utilities for ZCPR, Z-SYSTEM & plain CP/M
ZCAT-010.ZIP   207452  "  "   "   "   "   "   "   "    "   "   "
ZCAT-011.ZIP   200642  "  "   "   "   "   "   "   "    "   "   "
ZCAT-012.ZIP   166694  "  "   "   "   "   "   "   "    "   "   "
ZCAT-013.ZIP   176307  "  "   "   "   "   "   "   "    "   "   "
ZCAT-014.ZIP   187532  "  "   "   "   "   "   "   "    "   "   "
ZCAT-015.ZIP   136373  "  "   "   "   "   "   "   "    "   "   "

ZSystem Users Group Files, ZCPR33 and ZCPR34.

 These are the Zsystem Users group files (or some of them at least
 anyway). These programs are useful to those people who use Zsystem,
 ZCPR33 and ZCPR34.

Z3COM-1.LBR    165120  The Z3COM package is a full set of executable
Z3COM-2.LBR    162944  (.COM) files supporting ZCPR3 and the Z-System.
Z3COM-3.LBR    169344  No description available.
Z3COM-4.LBR    169088  No description available.
Z3COM-5.LBR    165504  No description available.
Z3COM-6.LBR    167808  No description available.
Z3COM-7.LBR    168576  No description available.
Z3COM-8.LBR     59264  No description available.
Z3HELP-1.LBR   144256  The Z3 Help System is a set of libraries containing
Z3HELP-2.LBR   159360  on-line help for nearly all available Z-System
Z3HELP-3.LBR   155520  programs and utilities.
Z3HELP-4.LBR   154624  No description available.
Z3HELP-5.LBR   160512  No description available.
Z3HELP-6.LBR   151680  No description available.
Z3HELP-7.LBR   146432  No description available.
ZSUS001.LBR    233984  Zsystem Users Group Volume 1
ZSUS002.LBR    266880  Zsystem Users Group Volume 2
ZSUS009.LBR    278272  Zsystem Users Group Volume 9
ZSUS010.LBR    299392  Zsystem Users Group Volume 10

CPM Basic Files for Microbee

555-IC.BAS       1792
555-IC.BQS       1408  Find values for 555 timer-oscillator
567-IC.BAS       1152
567-IC.BQS       1024  Finds values for 567 tone decoder
ADVEN-80.ARK    30848  Interpreter for writing adventures
AIM30.LBR       19200  Tracks and advises stock investments
AIRMILES.BZS     8448  Calculate city-to-city airmiles
ALIEN.LBR        8704  Space game with graphics
ASM2MAC.BAS      7040
ASM2MAC.BQS      4734  Convert 8080 mnemonics to Zilog Z80
ASTRMENU.LBR    44800  Astronomy calculations in MBASIC
ASTRNMY2.BAS     5632
ASTRNMY2.BZS     3072  Astronomy Related programs
ASTROLOG.LBR    10368  Horoscope planet position calculator
ATTEN.BAS        2688
ATTEN.BZS        1536  T, Pi, MinLoss Attenuator Design
AUDIOLAB.BZS     3712  Calculates values used in audio
B-COMPIL.LBR    87424  Public Domain BASIC compiler
BAS-REL1.LBR     5888  Machine language subrtns for BASCOM
BASCMNOT.LBR     9088  Notes on the use of BASCOM
BASIC5.LBR      59520  Processor Technology 5k Basic
BASICTUT.ARK    51076  Learning Microsoft MBASIC
BASUTIL.LBR     11264  Comprehensive BASIC utility routines
BIBLIO.LBR      35584  Bibliographic search program
BIGCAL2.BAS     10496
BIGCAL2.BQS      7424  Extended precision calculator
BILLING.LBR     31104  MBASIC billing programs
BIRTHDAY.BZS     3200  Tells facts about your birthday
BUDGET.BAS      10274  Family budget
BUILDSUB.BAS      689  Chain from Basic to another .COM pgm
CBASEDIT.BQS     2176  Input character editing for CBASIC
CODECRAK.LBR     2048  Decodes DISARM data file.
CPM-PERT.BAS    10011  PERT project management
CPMIO.MAC        3456
CPMIO.MQC        2560  No description available
CPMPRT51.BAS    10857  PERT project management
CVRISK.LBR      22272  A cardiovascular risk program
DEPREC.BAS       2432
DEPREC.BZS       1408  calculate Tax Depreciation
DESKMSTR.LBR    35456  No description available
DIRECTRY.BQS     4736  Maintain Name and Address data base
EBASIC.HLP      11648
EBASIC.HQP       7296  Public Domain EBASIC help
EBASIC.LBR      32256  Two-step BASIC compiler/interpreter
EGBAS.LBR       20352  Sample programs for MBASIC
EL-E.BAS        21120
EL-E.BQS        13793  Electronic Engineering in EBASIC
EL-E.INT        15872  Electronic Engineering in EBASIC
EXTEND.LBR       8448  MBasic assembly Language Extensions
FINANCE.BAS      5271  No description available
GRADEBOK.LBR    59392  Teacher's gradebook program
HURRICPM.BZS     4224  Track hurricanes!!
IC-TIMER.BAS     3072
IC-TIMER.BQS     2432  Calculate IC timer chip R/C values
INTEREST.BAS      882  No description available
INTRATE.BAS      1266  No description available
INVSTMNT.LBR    11904  Calculate stock purchase commissions
JUMBLE12.LBR     2944  Do JUMBLE puzzles in newspapers
KEYWRDFX.BAS     4215  Change 4.51 MBASIC to 5.x source
LOAN2.BAS       34304
LOAN2.BZS       14848  Loan calculation program
LOG10K.BAS       1408
LOG10K.BZS        896  Elkin's Log 10000! Benchmark
MATH.ARK        99584  Scientific math routines for BASIC
MBASEDIT.BQS     2176  Charater input editing for MBASIC
MBASIC-P.DOC      306  Unprotecting MBASIC programs
MBASIC.FRE       1872  Avoid MBASIC string cleanup delays
MBASIC.LST       4660  No description available
MBASPOS.TXT      2688
MBASPOS.TZT      1792  Cursor positioning with MBASIC
MBASTIP.TQT      1024  No description available
MBASTIP.TXT      1152
MBASTIPS.TZT     1664  Tips for MBASIC programmers
MBEXTEND.LBR     6784  MBASIC assembly language extensions
MBPRE-12.LBR    17536  Allows writing MBASIC without line #
MBRSV13.BAS     28969  No description available
MILLION.BAS      9472
MILLION.BZS      4864  Become a millionaire in MBASIC
MOCST3.LBR      19328  Nice freeware amortization program.
MORTGAGE.BAS     4712  No description available
NAVPROG7.LBR    73728  Prepares a flight log
NSD.LBR         10496  Simple terminal program in ZBasic
OHMSLAW.BAS     18816
OHMSLAW.BZS      6912  Calculates values based on Ohm's law
PBS.LBR         31360  Pre-processor for BASIC programs
POKER.BAS        8832
POKER.BZS        4480  Poker card game for MBASIC
PREBAS.LBR      67456  No description available
RACE2.LBR        1792  Calculate car race track times
RC.BQS           2944  No description available
RC5.BAS          4608  No description available
REDIR.AQM        2560  Redirect output of MBASIC
REDIR.ASM        3712
ROULETTE.BZS     3456  Win with Roulette game in MBASIC
RS2MS.BAS        6383  TRS80 Basic to Microsoft Basic conv.
RS2MS.DOC        2027  TRS80 Basic to Microsoft Basic conv.
SATCOM.LBR      18816  Positions home earth stations
SATELITE.BAS     4740  Aiming synchronous satellite dish
SETUP.ASM        1119  Used with CPM-PERT.BAS list output
SURVIVAL.BZS     9472  Survive in space with MBASIC game
TINIDISK.LBR    44672  Sherry Brothers Tiny Basic ver 3.1
TRIVIA.LBR       6912  Question and answer game in MBasic
TTL-SCRL.BAS     1280  Scrolls banner across screen
TXT2HLP.LBR     20608  Create help files for BASIC
UNPRO.COM         896  Unprotect MBASIC programs
UNPRO.DOC         823  Unprotect MBASIC programs
UNPROTCT.BAS     1188  Unprotect MBASIC programs
UNVBASUT.LBR    61440  No description available
UTBILAUD.LBR     9472  No description available
VADER.BAS       19072
VADER.BZS        8704  Battle Darth Vader in MBASIC game
WINDCHIL.BQS     1408  Calculates wind chill factor
WORLDBLD.BQS     9344  No description available
WORLDBR.LBR      9856  Build Science Fiction solar systems
XFER13.BAS       5601  No description available
XFER13.DOC       4480
XFER13.DQC       3072  No description available
XFORMER.BAS     20224
XFORMER.BZS      8576  Transformer Design Aid
XREF.BAS         5227  No description available
XREF19.BAS       8832
XREF19.BZS       5120  No description available
ZBASDEMO.LBR    37248  Free demo of ZBASIC from ZEDCOR, Inc

CPM Education Software for Microbee

ABC.LBR         21120  MBasic program for learning alphabet
ALPHABET.ARK     9061  No description available
AVIAUTL1.LBR    68096  Aviation Utilities
COMUFLT.LBR     22656  Flight Planning Program
FLASH.LBR       25728  Flash card program
FRENCH.LBR      30592  Learn French with flash cards
GERMAN.BAS      10496
GERMAN.BZS       5376  Test vocabulary skills in German
HEBREW.LBR      50688  Hebrew vocabulary drilling system
K-CHING.LBR     82048  Book of Changes in Modula2/Pascal
KIDMATH.LBR      2816  Addition/subtraction tutor
LATIN.BAS       15360
LATIN.BZS        7296  Test vocabulary skills in Latin
MDLPLNE2.LBR    35456  Design and testing of model airplane
PR11.LBR        54784  The Inversion of Large Matrices
PSALMS.LBR       6528  Tests ability to memorize Psalms
SPELLBE4.LBR     7424  Spelling Bee - Educational game
TRIVIA2.LBR     30848  Trivial Pursuit word game
TTYPE3.LBR      48128  Comprehensive touch typing tutor
TYPTEACH.LBR    26752  Touch typing tutorial/measure speed

CPM Microsoft for Microbee

BASCOM53.DOC     2302  No description available
M-SOFT.CAT       3691  No description available
MBASIC.FRE       1872  Avoid MBASIC string cleanup delays
MICROSFT.FEB      838  Free Microsoft Language Publication
MSFTNW-1.APR     8525  No description available
MSFTNW-1.MAR     2337  No description available

Total Links/Files: 856

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