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MicroBee Emulators

Online MicroBee Emulators

www.nanowasp.org is a MicroBee online emulator with classic retro games and fully programmable BASIC. See the site for further details.

MicroBee Emulators for PC

[From the readme.txt] PicoMozzy is an emulator for the Microbee platform. Eventually, I plan to support most of the Microbee line of computers from the old 32k to the 256TC (and beyond... it all depends on documentation). By Alistair Shilton.

NOTE: The e-mail and website address in the readme file are no longer active. I have provided an unchanged download of the original package. If you know of the official site please let me know so I can link to it.
Original Link: http://www2.ee.mu.oz.au/pgrad/apsh/microbee/microbee.html

MESS - Multi Emulator Super System
Visit mess.org for further details about emulating a variety of old computer and video game systems including the MicroBee.

MicroBee Hardware Emulators

FPGABee - [From the site] FPGABee is a hardware emulation of a Microbee - the classic Aussie home computer of the 80's! | FPGABee - my re-creation of the Microbee hardware in an FPGA.

MicroBee Page : fpgabee.toptensoftware.com/microbee/
FPGABee Page: fpgabee.toptensoftware.com/

Please do NOT contact me for roms. Roms are available in the MESS Roms Collection on archive.org.

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