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This is a few notes and pictures about my collection of vintage MicroBee gear, which includes a working example of the extremly rare Gamma 68000 based microbee. See video link below.
Computer system consisting of a CPU with 64 kb of RAM, inbuilt into the keyboard, a tape deck for data storage, a 3.5 inch disk drive (called a "computer-in-a-book"), a modem with telephone, appropriate cabling, a monochrome monitor, and associated original documentation.
Dont know much about this one as there isnt any information. Just photos in a gallery. Lots of great pics of a modded Microbee using sandisk memory and other things.
Microbee Emulator on FPGA Hardware An FPGA or field programmable gate array is "an integrated circuit designed to be configured by a customer or a designer after manufacturing". An FPGA lets a user design custom digital electronic circuits on a PC and download the design to the FPGA chip. FPGABee replicates the digital circuitry of a Microbee and can run original Microbee software without modification.
www.uvlist.net/platforms/games-list/200/ MicroBee Games List. UVL is the biggest on-line database about any video game ever created, for any platform.

Microbee Youtube Videos

Microbee - "The Evolutionary Computers" (c.1986) Promotional video put together in 1986 for the Hannover Fair / CeBIT trade show. Missing Approx 4 mins from the start of the Video.
A Quick Look at - The Microbee Gamma The Gamma was a machine designed by Microbee Systems Ltd in Australia between 1985 & 1987. It was an advanced machine based on the Motorola MC68000 and was designed for true multitasking with a full memory management unit built in.
Building the Microbee Premium Plus kit computer This is a video of the Microbee Premium Plus kit computer being assembled. It shows all of the basic steps to assembling the kit, with the exception of the actual soldering. A photo was taken for every component being assembled into the kit along the assembly process & this video is made up of all of those photos strung together to form a basic animation of the kit assembly. For more details on the Premium Plus kit, take a look at our website here.
MicroWorld Microbee Games - by namachari Microbee games including, Asteroids, Invaders, Penetrator, Cosmic Fighter, Munch, Galaxy Invasion, Frog Hop & Kilopede.

CP/M Related Software Sites

www.retroarchive.org This site was created as a logical extension to the original Commercial CP/M Software Archive. The focus has been expanded to encompass all types of "classic" computer systems and their software, not just CP/M. Software and documentation for all computer systems is welcome here. Anything from the simplest 6502 based SBC to a huge VAX minicomputer; it has a home here.
www.classiccmp.org/cpmarchives/ Welcome to the *HUMONGOUS* CP/M Software Archives, a humongous collection of all the great CP/M software repositories of the past. We aim to be your one-stop shop for CP/M software. If you can't find it here, it probably can't be found. And if you do find something we don't have, let us know. We just hate it when someone has something we don't.
Digital Research official CP/M page In 2000, this CP/M Web site is official link site for CP/M resources worldwide. Caldera Inc. owns all trademark and copyright to CP/M, whose successors are Caldera DR-DOS for single-user (client) purposes, and IMS Ltd. REAL/32 for multi-user and networking. Both are the most advanced versions of 32-bit DOS available, and are ideal for Thin Server and Thin Client Server solutions in the office, POS, embedded, communications, and other important emerging markets such as hard real-time for robotic control and full-fledged Video Computing.
The Unofficial CP/M Web site This site is dedicated to the early days of microcomputing. Digital Research produced operating systems, utilities, and language products for early microprocessor systems. These systems included such microprocessors as the 8080, Z80, 68000, Z8001, and 8086/8088. The workhorse of the operating system for these systems was CP/M. A more advanced operating system, MP/M, allowed multi-tasking and multi-user, systems to be built.

Wikipedia Links

The Microbee
Applied Technology, MicroBee Systems, Microworld, Honeysoft - The Company
Microbee Computer System - The Aussie Made Computer
Zilog Z80 - The Central Processing Unit that runs the Microbee
S-100 Bus - The interface used to connect different hardware together
CP/M Operating System - The Operating System used to control the hardware of a computer

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